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Research on difficult life events

The University of Nantes is working on the impact of difficult life events on the military, rescuers, firefighters, police, doctors, psychologists, civilians, etc. In order to better understand this problem and to propose new avenues for prevention. and care, we invite you to participate in this research. This data collection is completely anonymous and will be used exclusively for statistical purposes. In no case will the surveys be sent to other stakeholders (human resources, hierarchical superiors).

The aim of this study is to collect information over an extended period of 3 years in order to have the precise and relevant information possible. Therefore, if you accept, we will contact you punctually within the next three years to fill out this survey again.

You can access the surveys on:

Please complete all the surveys. You can save your answers at any time and come back later. At the end of the search, the main results will be sent to you.

We remain at your disposal for any questions at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

L'association AEPSP

Notre association est un réseau scientifique international.

Elle a pour vocation la mutualisation des savoirs en matière de psychologie appliquée aux services d'incendie et de secours.


Our partners

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