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The European Association of Firefighter Psychologists is extremely attached to its research activity, which it has developed since its creation. Below you will find information on current research, future research or working groups, results, and data as well as the latest publications and articles.

Each year, the firefighters carry out nearly 4.5 million interventions on French territory. 3.5 million victims were cared for in 2015. Among them, often, children, direct, indirect victims or witnesses of difficult and shocking scenes. For firefighters, taking care of a child, physically or not injured, crying, agitated, prostrate, anxious ... is one of the most difficult interventions to carry out. Approaching a minor is not easy as his level of understanding of the situation, his possible pain, his anxiety, his difficulties in expressing himself can complicate the realization of a balance sheet or even gestures of first aid for the firefighters. To fight anxiety and painful care, many pediatric hospital departments now use mediators such as dolls or stuffed animals. This is the part that the FNSPF took to facilitate the operational activity of the firemen. Equip each ambulance with a soft toy - named Pompy® - a real communication tool to create and facilitate the bond with children living in difficult situations. During the intervention, Pompy® could thus be used as a cuddly toy, identifying support, distraction object, information mediator ... In this context, the AEPSP was commissioned to develop a scientific argument aimed at putting in place before the advantages of this medium and the interest of its use for firemen but also for children and their parents. The objective here is to present to you, in broad outline, the Pompy® operation, and more specifically the educational kit created containing in particular the scientific argument as well as a specific survey intended to provide information on the conditions of use of the cuddy toy. Speakers : Stéphanie DELBAERE: Clinical psychologist, member of board of directors of AEPSP. Marie SPRATLEY: Pompy® Operation Manager.

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Our association is an international scientific network.Our association is an international scientific network.

Its purpose is to pool knowledge in psychology applied to fire and rescue services.




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